My job primarily consists of sitting at the computer and maneuvering myself into the deepest internet wormholes known to man.  Entire 8-hour shifts have passed where I don’t even remember what occurred, like time passed in fast-forward.  Sometimes I am lucky enough to catch myself and stand up from the desk and maybe go to the bathroom or refill my water bottle.  This frees me from the frozen trance.

But mostly I answer the phone, check people in, and make reservations.  I also am in control of the parking gate remote, so that when guest room keys fail to open the gate – which occurs all too frequently – I get to re-scan the room key which I just made so there’s no way it could have already been deactivated (this is mainly for the sake of appearances).  I hit the remote after the guest returns to their car, making the effort they made coming back into the lobby worthless.

That is my job.  I am a Hotel Front Desk Receptionist.